Building the Future Energy Network, Together

CONET is more than just an energy company. We are a community partner, dedicated to building a cohesive energy future for the places we call home.


Fragmented Infrastructure

Our communities face a complex energy landscape. Fragmented infrastructure, rising costs, and numerous ‘out of town’ solution providers weaken our communities’ capability to secure, operate, and optimize their local energy systems.


The Power of Cohesion

We believe in the power of cohesion. We bring together innovative technologies, collaborative partnerships, and a commitment to sustainability to create a smarter, more reliable energy system for all.

Here's how we're building a
Cohesive Energy Future

1. Cohesive Energy Infrastructure

Imagine a future where your community benefits

from the coordinated, optimized operation of all the large distributed energy resources (DERs) in your area. CONET helps communities develop a new capability to locate, finance, deploy, operate, and optimize DERs and new clean generation creating a more resilient energy future. CONET builds a Cohesive Energy Network (CEN), integrating clean energy sources with reliable storage and distribution optimization systems. The result? An energy infrastructure that is managed cohesively, reducing costs, increasing returns, and protecting vital, existing power wires and transformers.

2. Cohesive Community Action

Together, we can achieve more.

CONET empowers communities to take charge of their energy future. We work collaboratively with businesses, institutions, and local governments to develop and implement energy independence solutions. Imagine: Commercial, industrial, and government solar projects, battery storage systems, and new generation – all working together for a brighter tomorrow.

3. Cohesive Energy Management

CONET puts the power in your hands.

We provide the tools and technology for communities to manage their energy consumption effectively. Smart grid solutions allow for real-time monitoring and optimization of energy use. Personalized energy dashboards empower institutions and businesses to make informed choices about their energy consumption.

Join the CONET movement!

Let's build a Cohesive Energy Future where our communities thrive.

CONET's Cohesive Energy approach and platform can help your community scale.

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